Monday, September 20, 2010

My Blog My Way

I've recently discovered a few blogging network websites, and some of them are totally cool.  There's nothing more fun for a serious blogger like me than to network with other bloggers.  After all, that's what the blogosphere is all about -- sharing ideas and information.  And for food bloggers the possibilities are endless.  By networking with other food blogs I could probably try a new recipe each and everyday of the year and never cook the same thing twice.  Now how awesome is that?

All of these networks have a certain amount of terms and conditions, and for the most part it all makes since.  For instance no hate speech.  And on this food blog the only "hate" you might hear is that I hate olives and bell peppers.  And okra.  Never did care for the taste for any of them, so one of my goals as a cook is to adapt my recipes and find substitutes for those ingredients I simply don't like.  I don't think anyone would have an issue with that.

Then there's porn.  I too agree there's no place for porn on a food blog.  But the other day another blogger talked about "food porn," and he defined it as food that's so sumptuous and so delicious it boggles the senses.  And hey, that's what good cooking is all about.  Good food should stimulate the senses and be a pleasurable experience that the entire family can enjoy.  

Then there are some blogging networks with rules and regulations that are downright silly.  Your blog has to have this percentage of this kind of content and that kind of content, and you have to include so many photos and they have to be your original photos -- no stock photos or clip art.  And to that I say get real.

What makes blogging so much fun is that you can totally be yourself.  I simply can't be creative in a blog world where I'm required to produce this kind of a post on that day or else.  This is my blog, and I'm doing it my way.  And I'm having a blast doing it.

My thought for the day.



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  2. Thank you so much. I am on hiatus while I work on a new book, but I will be back.


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