Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brown Rice = Healthy and Tasty Side Dishes

Let's face it.  Most of us lead busy lives, and cooking from scratch, while ideal, oftentimes just isn't possible. At least, not everyday.  So we turn to prepackaged convenience foods.  These food products, while tasty and easy to prepare, have their drawbacks, such as too much salt, MSG, and other nasty chemicals that we really shouldn't be putting into our bodies.

One of my favorite convenience foods for years was Rice-a-Roni.  My mother refused to buy the stuff when I was a kid, so l was introduced to it by a college boyfriend who didn't have a lot of money.  He bought it because it was cheap, and then I started buying it.  It tasted good, it was easy to prepare, and it was inexpensive.  After college I continued buying it, and I've been eating it for years.  However, I keep hearing that processed foods are bad for you, so now I really am trying to cut back on foods like Rice-a-Roni. I think I've finally found a tasty substitute.  Brown rice cooked in chicken or beef broth. 

Sometimes the solution is so simple we want to smack ourselves on the head and shout, "Well duh! Why didn't I figure this out before."

If you're really into eating healthy, organic foods, you can find organic chicken or beef stocks, and brown rice at stores like Trader Joe's.  From there simply follow the directions for cooking the rice, using the stock instead of water.  If desired, add a little salt and pepper, or your favorite seasoning, and that's it.  You have a healthy, delicious brown rice side dish that is just as easy to prepare as those convenience rice dishes, and probably cheaper per serving.

I know, I should have figured this one out a long time ago.  Nonetheless, it's my tip for the day.


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