Cookbooks by Gayle Martin

Anna's Kitchen: a Compilation of Historic WWII Ration Recipes That You Can Create in Your Kitchen Today

Anna's Kitchen is a compilation of historic WWII era ration recipes made from scratch just like Grandma used to make. Whether you are a history buff or simply looking for economical, back-to-basics recipes, you will find this collection unique. Included with each chapter is a section on other WWII home front history, including gasoline rationing, civil defense, war bonds, v-mail, scrap drives and women working in the defense industry. Illustrated with historic posters and over 180 WWII era ration recipes, this truly is an interactive history book.

"This reminds me of the dishes that my mother prepared. Like many cooks, Mom learned to make great meals out of virtually nothing using recipes like this."
- Emily Spargo-Guerrero, The Arizona Historical Society Museum

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Anna's Kitchen is now out of print, however used copies can sometimes be found on Amazon. Thank you for your support and for making Anna's Kitchen a success.

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